Periodontal inflammation is most often caused by bacteria in dental plaque, even though their presence in the oral flora is otherwise normal. When the oral flora equilibrium is disturbed, such as due to very poor oral hygiene, and other causal factors come into play that our immune system is unable to overcome, one of periodontal disease forms may develop.

In the initial stages of gingival inflammation, the dental hygienist or dentist removes the soft and solid plaque, teaches the patients how to brush their teeth correctly, encourages them to maintain the correct lifestyle and eating habits that lead to make a recovery. The teeth are also protected by the application of coatings that render the dental surface smooth, thereby preventing plaque from adhering to the teeth, and the buildup of dangerous bacteria.

Regular professional removal of soft and solid plaque (using ultrasound, sanding, polishing) and instruction about proper oral hygiene are the key to oral health and your general health.