Laser light offers a wide range of uses and applications in dentistry.


Our dental clinic uses laser predominantly:

  • as support in the treatment of periodontal diseases,
  • in cosmetic corrections of the gums,
  • in the desinfection of root canals of deep periodontal pockets,
  • to treat oral herpes and ulcers.


The laser is a modern dentistry tool that uses special light or the energy of the laser beam to act specifically and selectively on precisely targeted dental/periodontal tissues, while the other tissues in the direct surroundings remain entirely undamaged.

Moreover, the action of the laser effectively stops bleeding and provides biostimulation to the cells and tissue, enabling faster and easier healing of wounds in the mouth. One of the key advantages of laser therapy in periodontal treatment is that unnecessary use of antibiotics can be avoided, while the treatment itself causes considerably less discomfort than traditional methods.